Organising Team Jozi


Crispian Olverchippy

Crispian Olver is a public policy expert and activist who focuses on the interface between sustainability issues, development and governance. He spent 10 years in the South African government – from 1999-2009, he was the Director-General at the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, in which role he initiated most of the current environmental legislation in South Africa, and steered South Africa through the early stages of the global climate negotiations. During this period he also coordinated South Africa’s hosting of the World Summit on Sustainable Development. Prior to this, he was Deputy Director-General in charge of Local Government in the Department of Constitutional Development, and Chief Director for the Reconstruction and Development Programme in the Office of the President. Since leaving government he has established Linkd Environmental Services, a Johannesburg based public policy and research company. In this capacity, he has been actively involved in developing environmental policy in South Africa and initiating actions by businesses and local government to address green transport and climate mitigation amongst others. Crispian is a passionate cyclist and has initiated the Freedom Rides in cities around South Africa, as well as championed a more cycle friendly city as Chair of the Cycle Jozi Forum. Crispian holds BSc (Med) and MbChB degrees from the University of Cape Town.

Muhammed Suleman me

Muhammed Suleman is an avid cyclist who cycles to work on a regular basis and has found cycling to be the most efficient way to travel in the city, however, not the safest. In completion of his BSc Honours in Urban and Regional Planning, Muhammed researched “The Role of Urban Design in Promoting Cycle Friendly Environments in Johannesburg”. From this point on he has always been actively involved in a variety of initiatives to promote cycling as a daily mode of transport and in making Johannesburg a cycle friendly city. He is the current vice-chairperson of the Johannesburg Urban Cyclists Association (JUCA) and a director of the Freedom Ride NPO. He is currently the lead organiser of the Freedom Ride Jozi event and is a Consultant and Green Transport Planner at Linkd Environmental Services.

HF Dipak Party 03Hugh Fraser

Hugh Fraser is an avid traveller and architect. Cycling cities around the world gives insight to both cycling and urban design. His face is not usually so red.